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U.S.-Pakistani Relations Strained

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U.S.-Pakistani Relations Strained

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U.S. government officials confirmed that intercepted communications are “direct proof” of Pakistan’s military intelligence agency, the ISI, being involved in the planning and execution of a suicide bombing attack against the Indian embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 58 people.

This comes after allegations of leaks by ISI operatives that led to the failure of U.S. missile strikes against Taliban targets.

Pakistani Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar admitted to the White House’s displeasure and mistrust over the situation.

In recent weeks, Washington has taken actions that may incite further distrust with the newly elected government in Islamabad. The U.S. no longer gives Pakistan advance notice when pursuing targets in tribal areas of the country. It has also pursued a civilian nuclear power development initiative with India, Pakistan’s next door neighbor, which the nation has had a largely antagonistic relationship.

While the U.S.-Pakistan relationship is shaky, both appear to need each other. America needs Pakistan on its side to protect vital supply lines to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants to develop both trade and military privileges with the United States beyond the War on Terror.

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