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U.S. Movie Audiences Want More Blood

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U.S. Movie Audiences Want More Blood

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The film industry continues to contribute to America’s socially and morally degenerate condition. The latest trend: the more blood, the better.

In response to Hostel, a sex/horror film debuting atop the box office in January and making nearly $50 million, Tim Palen, co-president of marketing for Lions Gate Films, stated, “We’re now a big believer in blood.”

Since the fall of 2005, seven horror movies have topped the box office.

Technology has made a big difference: “Filmmakers now have the ability to put viewers directly into the shoes of the victims going through these horrible things, in an almost documentary way,” said one industry insider.

However, critics within the film trade are even concerned, with New York Magazine referring to the new genre as “torture porn.”

Picturehouse Films president Bob Berney, who marketed The Passion of the Christ, said, “It’s not the violence that bothers me so much as the tone. A George Romero movie was so political and funny and subversive. To me, these newer movies are purely sadistic.”

An editor for the horror film magazine Fangoria said, “In 1990, I had to pull my hair out just to find a movie to put on the cover. There were only three or four major horror releases a year. Now there’s three or four a month. We’re like pigs in slop.”

Source: Newsweek

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