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Scientists Find “Missing Link”?

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Scientists Find “Missing Link”?

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Scientists believe they may have found a missing link in their effort to prove the theory of evolution, upon discovering several fossils of a “new species” in the Canadian arctic that appears to be somewhat like a crocodile.

The evolutionists admit that there was a gap in their theory, in terms of their fossil records to date, of fish evolving into land animals, and believe that this new species, Tiktaalik roseae, may be the missing link. It has fins and scales, but also a flat crocodile-like head with eyes positioned on top and the beginnings of a neck—characteristics not seen in fish.

“When we look inside the fin, we see a shoulder, we see an elbow, and we see an early version of a wrist, which is very similar to that of all animals that also walk on land,” said Professor Shubin, a paleontologist from the University of Chicago.

Interestingly, in their desperation to prove their theory, and to disprove the reality of a powerful Almighty and Creator, Professor Shubin reveals himself somewhat by saying, “We are capturing a very significant transition at a key moment of time. What is significant about the animal is that it is a fossil that blurs the distinction between two forms of life—between an animal that lives in water and an animal that lives on land.”

Source: BBC News

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