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Rift Widens in the Anglican Church

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Rift Widens in the Anglican Church

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Due to their position on homosexuality, U.S. and Canadian Anglican churches have been asked to withdraw from the Anglican Consultative Council until 2008. The reason for the move is the countries' stances on homosexuality. If you recall, in 2003, the U.S. church ordained a gay bishop. That same year, Canadian churches began blessing same-sex unions. Dr. Williams, leader of the worldwide Anglican Community, has said, “The North American Churches have been told very clearly and directly about the potential cost of the actions they have taken.”

The desired intent is for these churches to “consider their place within the Anglican Communion” and to repent of their mistake. They could refuse the request. But it is likely they will withdraw; and if they do, it could be the beginning of a permanent split.

There is no indication that either side will give in to the other's demands. In all likelihood, the Anglican Church will suffer a split in 2008 when the two sides meet. (You may wish to read our article “Homosexuality – Out of the Closet, Into the Mainstream.)


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