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Jerusalem to Host Gay Parade

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Jerusalem to Host Gay Parade

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According to recent reports, Jerusalem is slated to host the 2005 International Gay Parade. The last such parade, which took place three years ago in Rome, involved about half a million participants. Promoters anticipate similar numbers in 2005.

The chairman of Jerusalem's Gay and Lesbian Center stated, “An event of this magnitude has never occurred before anywhere in Israel.” It was only two years ago that Jerusalem, a largely conservative city with strong religious and traditional values, hosted its first gay parade.

Even that local event caused major uproar among the nation's populous. Notice: “The city was later ordered by the Supreme Court to pay the organizers NIS 40,000 for the annual event, in keeping with the amount the municipality contributed towards other city marches.”

Time will tell what the repercussions of this international event will be. (Notice such scriptures as Jeremiah 23:13-14 and Revelation 11:8.) 

Source: Jerusalem Post

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