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North Korea, Iran and Missiles

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North Korea, Iran and Missiles

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A conservative Japanese newspaper reported that North Korea was currently in talks with Iran to discuss the export of long-range ballistic missiles to Iran, as well as joint development of nuclear warheads. The report indicated that the negotiations have been going on for about a year, and are expected to end with an agreement this October. The exporting of military technology is a primary source of revenue for cash-strapped North Korea.

Although North Korea should indeed be considered a legitimate strategic threat to the U.S., it is nothing when compared to the much-less covered threat from China, Russia and Europe. Can you imagine the possible tri-alliance of the economic powerhouse of Europe, the “former” super-power of Russia, and the world’s most populous country, China? Do you think September 11th may have just been an event to simply shift America’s focus to primarily rouge states? 

Source: Reuters

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