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STDs Overwhelm UK Health System

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STDs Overwhelm UK Health System

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UK MPs have concluded in a recent inquiry that an explosion of sexually transmitted diseases is overwhelming the national health care system, and is indeed threatening the health and well being of an entire generation of young people. Although their report was no doubt somewhat political, the UK facts are these: gonorrhoea has increased 86% in five years; chlamydia has doubled in the same period; syphilis is making a comeback; and the rate of HIV infection reached its highest level in 2002, with 70% of the heterosexual cases contracted abroad.

Once again the failure to recognize and treat the cause of these outbreaks is monumental. Billions of dollars are invested in drugs to treat and prolong lives that are barely living. The illogic of it all is tremendous but so well ingrained in Western society, that only a calamity on a scale the world has never seen will correct it.

Source: The Independent

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