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AIDS Yet to Peak

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AIDS Yet to Peak

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In a rather chilling, yet telling, article in The Washington Post, Richard G.A. Feachem seems to indicate that the modern medical world is losing the battle against HIV/AIDS (as well as tuberculosis and malaria). They may even be beginning to admit that their current solution model is not working. Mr. Feachem states that most of the world has developed a very dangerous attitude in regard to this pandemic—that it is “distasteful, lethal and a cause for genuine concern, but ultimately remote, difficult to solve and something you learn to live with.”

He believes the situation will get more dire before it gets any better, and will not even peak for another 40 to 50 years. Carefully read and consider this ominous warning: “It cannot be contained; our armoury is ineffective. In country after country, it will devastate populations, especially the urbanized skilled and educated classes, much as the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia. However, whereas the killing in Cambodia stopped after several years, the killing from HIV/AIDS will go on and on, racking nations with the ferocity of half a century of Khmer Rouge rule.”

Myth: Though we are hearing more about the resurgence of TB, the Centers for Disease Control can get a grip on it.

Fact: TB is spreading rapidly in the United States and Europe, due partly to importation from Latin America and Eastern Europe respectively, and drug-resistant TB is both difficult and expensive to treat.

Myth: Malaria might happen to travelers but is easily treated.

Fact: Malaria, a threat to anyone visiting, working or living in tropical areas, is often drug-resistant and can be hard to treat.

Myth: It appears to be under control in the United States.

Fact: The domestic epidemics in the wealthy countries continue to grow and increasingly afflict poor, heterosexual women. We do hear that HIV/AIDS is causing numerous deaths in Africa, but Africans have always died in large numbers from infections.

Myth: If Africans would only get a grip on their political and economic systems, they could sort this out as we have.

Fact: Even a well-governed African country would be unable, if unassisted, to mount the scale of response necessary. Even the U.S. has been unable to do this.

And the pandemic is quickly spreading. The highly populated countries of India and China are just beginning to address the problem. The article states that the CIA believes and predicts that HIV in India will kill more people than would an all-out war with Pakistan.

Source: Washington Post

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