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Three Persons in One Being?

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Three Persons in One Being?

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The subject of God is mysterious, confusing to almost all. Millions, indeed billions, have asked who and what is God? The single most important subject in the universe is knowledge of the true God. What could be more important than which God one worships? This all-important question has confounded man for millennia.

He still has not found the answer!

With the explosion of new and different brands of Christianity, this confusion about God has only grown worse in the modern age. The so-called great religions of the world have only added to this confusion. Yet, correctly identifying the true God is the central issue and question towering over everything that is important in life. The answer to this question lies at the very core of all that is true religion. And, for those who believe that the God of Creation authored the Bible—Christians!—the question comes into sharper focus. Who and what is the God of the Bible?

Millions of professing Christians believe in, speak of and weekly sing about God as a “trinity”—“Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Acceptance of this god has become perhaps the greatest litmus test of orthodox or traditional Christianity. But is the true God of the Bible a trinity—three persons in one being? Can this be proven? Or is God a Family—and can this be proven? If the “trinity god” is false—if it is not the god of the Bible—it must be rejected. In its place must come an understanding of the true God.

Which Is Better?

Consider this question. Which would be better: having correct understanding of every single doctrine in the Bible, but having neither true knowledge of nor contact with the God who inspired it?—or, having absolutely no knowledge of a single Bible truth on any subject except the nature and identity of the true God and contact with Him?

Let's consider this further. The Bible is filled with hundreds of distinct, separate doctrinal truths: the gospel, salvation, baptism, identity and location of the true Church, the name of that Church, whether one should keep holy Saturday or Sunday, whether one should observe the annual festivals of Leviticus 23 or various humanly-devised holidays, financial laws, the purpose of marriage, principles of proper childrearing, punishment in the afterlife, the nature of repentance and conversion, the unpardonable sin, dietary laws and health, healing, scores of prophetic truths, the Law of God, the role of Christ, and many, many more. I ask again: Would it be more important to understand all of these Bible truths while at the same time lacking the knowledge of who is the true God—or to know nothing of them, but to have direct contact with the God who recorded them?

Think! If one knew and was worshipping the true God, he would automatically be led into all the true knowledge offered by that God, revealed only to those who have a relationship with Him. This would no doubt happen relatively quickly after entering into such contact. The true God would not leave such a one in ignorance about exactly how He was to be worshipped—in other words, knowledge of all the many truths contained in His Word. The knowledge of the true Plan of God, the location of the true Church and Work of God—and every other divinely-revealed point of understanding—flows from being in direct contact with the true God. On the other hand, possessing all of the knowledge about every Bible doctrine would be utterly useless if one was worshipping the WRONG GOD! Mere knowledge of doctrine would not necessarily, and certainly not automatically, lead such a person to that God, and thus, his religion would be in vain.

God has to reveal Himself to any who come to know Him!

Careless Assumptions

Have you ever asked yourself why people believe as they do?—why so many have come to accept the doctrines that they hold as having come from the Bible? Why have you believed and accepted the things that you do? Almost all who consider themselves Christians have carelessly assumed from childhood the answer to the most important question they could ever address—that is, do they have and are they worshipping the RIGHT GOD?

Many come into adulthood having accepted without question what they repeatedly heard, read or were taught in Sunday school. They have been unwilling to challenge what all their peers have accepted without question as well. Strangely, these same people will often vigorously defend their beliefs with absolutely no need to examine proof of why they believe what they do—or to consider how they came to such beliefs. Human nature wants to follow the crowd. And this has been the case with virtually every one of the popular church teachings, traditions and practices found in orthodox Christianity, which have been taken almost entirely from paganism, false customs and human reasoning. This is why the masses have followed a god that was conceived and developed entirely outside the pages of the Bible.

Incredibly, I have even seen those who knew the true God become willing to carelessly exchange Him for another god as easily as taking trash to the dumpster. Yes, throughout history, many who have known the true God of the Bible have been willing to blur and even lose altogether the knowledge of who and what He is.

Source of Deception, Confusion

The apostle John described Satan the devil as having “deceived the whole world” (Rev. 12:9). His goal has been to keep man from having a relationship with his Creator. The apostle Paul described Satan as “the god of this world” who “has blinded them that believe not” (II Cor. 4:4). Is it strange to think of Satan as this world's GOD? Does this seem impossible to believe? Yet, there it is in your Bible. After all, as deceiver, what would the devil most want to deceive—blind—mankind to, other than the identity of the true God? In fact, you will learn that Satan is the author of the trinity doctrine—that this false god is a counterfeit—a substitute deity—designed to deceive millions into unwittingly worshipping him, while thinking they are serving the God of Christianity and the Bible.

The highly educated of this world ought to know who God is! But they do not, because this is spiritual knowledge, divinely revealed by the very God these educators have been unable to discover on their own—and whom they could never discover on their own.

These modern educators have been steeped in the false understanding of the theory of evolution. Because they have believed this fable, they have taught it to unsuspecting minds, and conditioned them to reject God's revelation of Himself at the very beginning of Genesis. Then, having rejected the creation account of Genesis, inspired by the God of the Bible, these have become blinded to the identity of the true God—utterly unable to find their way out of the maze of confusion in which they have placed themselves. Evolution has taught them self-reliance, and ultimately cut them off from the knowledge that would have freed them from ignorance in all the most important matters of life. There they sit, left without the answers to life's greatest questions. Because intellectual vanity would not let them seek a higher power greater than their own minds, these have literally trapped themselves in confusion, with no idea where to turn for light.

The Unknown Book

If the Bible is as it has been called—“The Book that nobody knows”—then the One who authored it is truly the God that nobody knows! While this was not what He intended, this God has remained a mystery, concealed from a humanity willing to follow a “mystery god” that cannot be understood.

Some years ago, a world-famous evangelist declared of the trinity, “When I first began to study the Bible years ago, the doctrine of the Trinity was one of the most complex problems I had to encounter. I have never fully resolved it, for it contains an aspect of mystery. Though I do not totally understand it to this day, I accept it as a revelation of God...To explain and illustrate the Trinity is one of the most difficult assignments to a Christian.”

How true! With at least ten recognized versions or definitions—descriptions—of the trinity, no wonder it cannot be understood.

In the world, mystery books are often the bestsellers. Everyone seems to like the proverbial “Whodunit?” Any mystery in which a crime was committed involves several critical elements that must eventually come to light—perpetrator, victim, crime scene, weapon, motive and other evidence. When this happens, there is tremendous satisfaction and excitement. No one would read a mystery book or watch a mystery movie if they knew in advance that the writer or producer of the mystery was not going to solve it in the end.

The mysteries of men's religions are different, however. They always remain mysteries. In the end, they are never explained—never solved—and followers of these religions are told they must accept this. This is no truer than when it comes to the concept of a triune god. Why would vast numbers of people be willing to accept, for a lifetime, a mystery about God, when they would not accept this of a mere book or movie? Yet, they do.

(In our new book, The Trinity – Is God Three-In-One?, you will see the baffling “mystery” of the supposed trinity god solved.)

If the trinity represents the true God, we could ask: Why is there such widespread confusion and division about Him? Why is not the subject of God clearplain—to the common man? The apostle Paul, under inspiration, recorded that “God is not the author of confusion” (I Cor. 14:33). Confusion is not the way of God. He never wants His servants to be in confusion. Why then have so many been willing to accept without question such widespread confusion and disagreement on the nature of God? So many of these same people readily say, “God just doesn't seem very real to me.” But they seem willing to let Him remain a mystery to them. Not only do the masses on earth today stand in ignorance of life's most important knowledge, including both the identity of the true God and correct understanding of the many biblical truths that He teaches, most do not appear to care about this. Billions do not even seem to want to know—to want to solve the mysteries of God and His Word.

All of this said, you may have a certain amount of difficulty understanding some of the contents of our new book. In a sense, that may actually be good! Remember, the supposed god of the trinity has always been deemed unable to be explained or understood—a permanent mystery. This “god” has never made sense—and has never been the teaching of the Bible. It should not be strange then that the parts of this book that discuss the trinity will be somewhat confusing. After all, this is the core of the problem. Perhaps the best description of the trinity is summed up in the words of Winston Churchill, speaking of Russian actions in 1939 in World War II: “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

As you read, you will see that this famous saying almost perfectly defines the orthodox teaching of the trinity.

But all the Bible's mysteries can—and should—be understood! What would be the point of God recording the many statements about Himself in His inspired Word so that none could ever grasp their meaning—comprehend them? Perhaps more than any other doctrine, God desires His servants to be able to understand and differentiate Him from all other gods. This means they must know how to carefully identify and separate Him—the true God—from the endless array of false gods, devised as part of men's religions.

The baffling “mystery” of the trinity will be proven to be a fiction of men—and no part of the Bible's teachings.

Coded Book

The Bible is a coded book. It is written as a kind of jigsaw puzzle, creating a series of pictures and an overall picture that only become clear in meaning when one properly pieces together all the various passages on a subject. Isaiah 28:10 describes God's Word as written “here a little, and there a little.” This is the way we will study this subject. Also, we must let the Bible interpret itself, and this will be done throughout our new TRINITY book. Because professing Christianity has not understood these two points, it has remained deceived, seduced by a counterfeit church, led by the counterfeit god of this world, who has substituted himself in place of the true God.

Again, mankind has been deceived about God's awesome purpose for it. Notice: “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love Him” (I Cor. 2:9). Here then is Paul, under inspiration, explaining how men can understand both the truths and mysteries of God: “But God has revealed them [spiritual things] unto us by His Spirit...” (vs. 10). Take note that spiritual knowledge is not revealed by any supposed third Person of the trinity, called the Holy Spirit. Only “God” can reveal the truth of the Bible to those whom He is calling (John 6:44, 65)—and His Holy Spirit is the agent He uses to do this.

Counterfeit Church

You will learn that the teaching of the triune, “three-in-one” god comes from the great, false universal religion, described in Revelation 17:5 as “Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.” This “woman church” has used the trinity to infiltrate and deceive all of traditional Christianity. Originally introduced with much controversy, she has been able to successfully use this doctrine to limit the true God to a supposed three persons.

Part of this seduction has been then to necessarily introduce “another Jesus” (II Cor. 11:3-4), who becomes the centerpiece of “another gospel” (same passage), taught as a replacement of the true gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the kingdom of god. All of this deception in turn is derived from and has been impelled by “another spirit” (also same passage)—that of the god of this world—active throughout this world's “churchianity” in the form of the counterfeit trinity god. The kingdom of God—Christ's message—offers the only real future for a world otherwise without hope. Only Christ's soon-coming, world-ruling supergovernment will solve humanities worst problems, trouble, evils and ills.

Most assume that the word trinity is surely found in the Bible. But even this is not true—the word itself is nowhere in the Bible. The term and its meaning are a complete invention of deceived men. With this invention, the universal church has, in fact, been responsible for literally disfellowshippingexcommunicating!—the true God of the Bible from the world of supposed Christianity!

Who and what then is God? Can He be understood? This book pulls back the veil concealing the true God from mankind and introduces Him to you. It will explain the origin and history of the trinity doctrine—and will cover the principle scriptures often cited to supposedly “prove” it, exposing the logic—actually the illogic—of trinitarian theology. It will explain the nature and role of the Holy Spirit. It will also answer the question, “Who and what was Christ?”—and “Is the Christ of the Bible the same as the one worshipped in popular Christendom?” And it will bring irrefutable contrary proofthe truth—from Scripture about the real nature of the true God of the Bible and Creation. This will open the door to understanding God's true plan for mankind.

Read The Trinity – Is God Three-In-One?, and you will be stunned at what you will learn. The subject is compelling reading and unlike what you might expect on one that appears to be esoteric or only able to be understood by intellectuals. In fact, you may also find yourself wondering how anyone could possibly believe a doctrine so easily seen to be of pagan origin.

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