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Why They Hate Us – Part 1: God’s Hand Removed

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Why They Hate Us

Part 1: God’s Hand Removed

There is a flagrant—and intense—increase in world hatred of the United States and, to a lesser degree, Britain and the other English-speaking countries of the West. It is, in fact, seemingly popular to feel this way and express it loudly. Why is this? Can anything be done about it? When and how will it end?

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The United States of America—the land of freedom and justice, the land of opportunity, and the land of plenty. It is also this country, along with its allies, that won the Cold War, and liberated both Europe and Asia. Yet today, the U.S. is loathed and scorned! Many in the world now roll their eyes in disgust at the very mention of this great country’s name. Others will curse, spit on the ground and burn its flag. And still others will commandeer jet airliners and fly them into buildings, killing thousands of its citizens. They do this all because they hate it—but why?

Most have forgotten and no longer consider what the world would be like if the “other side” had won World War II. Of course, it was not meant to be at that time, according to God’s Plan, as we will later see. But nonetheless, the world now barely pays lip service to the American (as well as British, Canadian and Australian) lives sacrificed to liberate two continents and a world from fascist aggression.

Instead, most of the world now prefers to mock and laugh, particularly at the United States, at every turn. There is a desperate and increasing worldwide loathing of this country and its people. Very soon, the hate will turn to war, as it always does, but this time, the attacks against America will not be limited to Islamic extremists. In fact, most of the world will witness the United States, Britain, Canada and the other modern-day descendants of ancient Israel being brought to their knees, and will figuratively “kick them while they are down.” The mocking and laughing will continue, but thankfully, this punishment will only last for a short time.

This article will explain why much of the world despises America and, to a lesser degree, Britain, Canada and the other primarily English-speaking nations. For most Americans, this hatred is extremely perplexing—“Why does the world hate us so much? What have we done?” And indeed, at first glance, the issue can be difficult to understand. The United States, despite some radical (and extremely ridiculous) views, is not, after all, a Nazi or Communist regime. So we will explain why and examine how this hatred will increase in the very near future and eventually lead to war, all as part of a lesson that God is allowing the modern-day descendants of Israel, and all of mankind, to learn—that living life his own way instead of God’s way will only result in great pain, misery and suffering.

A Dying Superpower

Without a doubt, the United States of America has been the world’s most powerful single nation in all history. At the end of World War II, America suddenly found itself with territories, influence and resources stretching around the world, and essentially unchallenged. Some today still consider the U.S. a superpower. Others argue that it is also properly referred to as an empire. And if one were to compare America’s worldwide military, economic, diplomatic and social influence with that of the British and Roman empires, then it could be referred to as such.

However, the riches and might of the U.S. are all a result of blessings from God—blessings that were unconditionally promised to America’s forefather, Abraham (see Gen. 22:16-17) as a result of his obedience. (To learn more, read our book America and Britain in Prophecy, the subject of this issue’s “Personal” from the Editor-in-Chief.) It is not a result of what the American people have accomplished—this is one important lesson that they have tragically forgotten. For there was a time near the beginning of their country’s existence, that many did realize and acknowledge that their nation’s many great blessings must have come from a higher power. And indeed they did. Yet today, most Americans walk the world with pride and absolute arrogance, unconcerned to a large degree with how others view them (until recently) and completely unaware of what is to come.

America’s power and abundance alone generates hatred. Other countries are simply jealous of her success, wealth and power. Jealousy drives lust, and lust drives hate, and hate leads to war (Jms. 4:1-3). But in the past, during the “good times,” American political, diplomatic and social status and influence flourished around the world. As long as the good times funded by America continue, then all the friends remain. But as soon as the U.S. is no longer willing or able to “host the party,” the friends begin to slowly disappear. The Bible provides the analogy of “lovers” to such situations between countries, and even prophesies of a time when those “lovers will despise you” and “seek your life” (Jer. 4:30; Lam. 1:2; Ezek. 23:9, 22).

In addition to the simple jealousy of America’s blessings, hatred is also fueled by the excessive pride and arrogance that is so often associated with their national and individual characteristics. Again, this would have been endured or even ignored as long as America was “buying the drinks.” But now that God is removing His blessings from America, the parties are over and suddenly the arrogance is that much more obvious, and therefore, the U.S. is even more despised and hated. One of the purposes of God’s punishment on the United States is to “break the pride of [her] power” (Lev. 26:19).

The U.S. as “World Police”

Most nations of the world (the so-called “international community”) have often looked to the United States in recent decades as the “world policeman.” This is a role that has been accepted only with hesitation by the U.S.—those in the know (i.e., the military generals) understand, at least partially, the futility of such endeavors. However, social and political pressure on any U.S. administration is generally enough to convince them to use their resources to enforce whatever is the current definition of international law.

Whether it is the recent tragedies in Somalia and Bosnia, older conflicts such as Korea and Vietnam, or even the seemingly never-ending Middle East crisis, almost every time there is a predicament, the world looks to the U.S. to restore, enforce and invest in some sort of “peace.” To a certain degree, this is because the U.S. would have been the only possible choice for such action, but it has also become, on the part of most other nations of the world, an issue of national laziness and political correctness: “Let the Americans fix the problem. Besides, they have the money and the boys willing to sacrifice their lives for someone else’s problems. Besides, it would be the right thing to do.” To an extreme, it is now becoming an opportunity for the rest of the world to watch America suffer and fail. And as God removes His hand, this will become more evident in anything—and everything—that they do.

America and Her Allies

There are a few nations that are often considered to have a “special relationship” with the United States—namely Britain, Canada, Australia, Israel and a few other English-speaking countries of the “western world.” They are all to a large degree treated on the world stage as one and the same, as a sort of permanent alliance. Granted, on occasion, one or more countries may, for domestic political reasons, voice objection to America’s direction (e.g., Canada during the last Iraq war), but in general, and when it comes down to the wire, they are indeed one and the same, and will stand and fall together. They are, after all, historically related and are most certainly very socially and strategically integrated.

These countries are also, although to a lesser degree at this point, hated for their wealth and success, which are also a result of blessings from God, promised to Abraham and his descendants. They are also hated because of their “special relationship” with the United States. Osama bin Laden has, for example, issued statements against each of the above, specifically, in al-Qaeda’s war against the “Jews and Crusaders” (BBC News, November 12, 2002).    

The “war on terror” has already brought these nations closer together. World events in the very near future will continue to do so, thereby escalating the rest of the world’s hatred of all of them! These countries will stand and fall together during the next huge world calamity, the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24:21). How exactly Osama bin Laden and the Islamic terrorists will play a part is uncertain. However, Bible prophecy shows that God will once again use Assyria—modern-day Germany—leading a United States of Europe, to administer the punishment. But we will address this in greater detail in a subsequent part of this article.


Another dangerous and condemning aspect of being a superpower and playing the role of “world police” is hypocrisy. Obviously, the United States, as the primary liberator of Europe in 1944-45, as the prosecutor of that war’s crimes, and the main proponent for other similar engagements around the world since then, has taken many opportunities to tout its vision of morality and judgment.

This has been most evident in recent months and years, as the U.S., Britain and their “coalition of the willing” dealt with the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. President Bush was confident in his decision because he believed it was “the right thing to do,” and that any people would prefer to live under a democracy. And so, the rallying cry was “freedom and justice” for the Iraqi people. The U.S. and their allies were invading as liberators and giving back to the people what had been taken from them for so long—their country and their freedom. However, in the heat of battle, and in the ensuing resistance, the right to just, decent incarceration for some Iraqis was compromised. America saw itself in a mirror—and was, but just for a moment, horrified.

Americans often proclaim to be acting in the best interest of the world—for peace and safety—and, to some degree, their intentions are good. However, they fail to consider the sad state of their own lives. They fail to stop for a moment and look longer in that mirror to really see what they and their nation have become. In issue after issue, The Real Truth magazine addresses the grim conditions that America, Britain, Canada and the other Western nations face today: widespread addiction to alcohol, drugs and illicit, perverted sex; dysfunctional families and broken homes; exploding immorality; rampant homosexuality; pleasure seekers; and near financial bankruptcy. If only the American people would see this, they would not be so proud and arrogant. They would not be so quick to take it upon themselves to enforce their misguided “morality” on others, or at the very least do it while shouting “freedom and justice.”

The U.S. badge of honor has been tarnished. The entire world now doubts America’s best intentions and even their ability to implement them. Every move they make now seems to end in near disaster. And all the while, anti-American sentiment increases.

The Bible reveals the peoples of America and Britain descended from Israel’s son Joseph. Notice this stunning prophecy: “Joseph[’s]…branches run over the wall [our peoples have expanded the world over]: the archers have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him” (Gen. 49:22-23).

God foretold this exploding hatred 4,000 years ago. This series will continue to explain why such hatred.

Man needs to stop and realize that his way will not work—that it will only bring misery, illness and death. Humanity needs to seek and implement God’s will, and understand and live His way. Eventually, mankind will.

In the next installment of this article, we will contrast all that America, Britain and their allies have done for the world with their current state of betrayal and isolation. We will identify the absolutely intense hatred of America around the world, but particularly in Europe, and the sinister popularity of it all. We will then examine the near future and why they who once knew God will be punished by those who never did.

This is all according to God’s great plan—Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before your eyes, and you have a chance to understand it! Take the time now, before it is too late, to read carefully all the pages of this magazine. Go to our websites and study our other literature. Reflect on and consider the state of your own life, and then seek God, and ask Him for understanding.

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