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The Greatest Nations in Prophecy

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The Greatest Nations in Prophecy

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Suppose you could know the direction and conclusion of world events—world history—in advance of the outcome. What if you could know the courses of nations before they happen? What if the future of great nations—indeed the greatest nations—could be known? In other words, imagine knowing tomorrow’s biggest headlines before they come to pass, and how events will affect you, and every human being, personally.

Now imagine knowing in detail exactly what is in store for the United States and Britain—the greatest nations in all history. The governments and leaders of the West do not know the shocking, world-shattering changes just over the horizon for the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and certain other Western European nations—with the Middle East at the center of the coming explosion of events.

But you can know—and, if you read our book mentioned later, you soon will!

Ominous Signs Abound

Turmoil, fear and confusion now grip the nations of the West. Terrorism, resultant economic upheaval and widespread uncertainty have left people confused, not knowing where to turn for answers to the great questions about the future, now on the minds of millions!

Many sense that the differences both between and within nations are intensifying, threatening to spin out of control. New and different power blocs are forming, with traditional alliances wavering, waning or disappearing.

Ominous signs of grave difficulty in resolving humanity’s most fundamental problems are everywhere. Many sense that the world is hurtling toward terrible calamity. Disease, famine and war sweep the planet as never before. New diseases are continually appearing and old ones are reappearing worse than ever. This and famine, which always follows in the wake of war, are decimating entire segments of local populations. Weapons of mass destruction, so incomprehensibly destructive that they boggle the mind, now threaten humanity as never before. Many nations are learning to live “on alert” to terrorist “cells,” which can strike anywhere without notice.

World conditions, events and trends speak daily in frightening terms about how things could quickly turn in the wrong direction. The courses of nations, including the greatest nations, hang in the balance. History shows that all the great civilizations eventually crashed, having become decadent, awash in material prosperity and greed—and educated in wrong knowledge. This can happen again!

Of course, many are unmoved—unfazed—not concerned about the tumultuous events surrounding them, trusting that things will work out in the end “because they always do.” Many, believing things will eventually “turn out alright,” close their eyes, choosing to pursue pleasure and the accumulation of material goods at an even more frantic pace. But for the short term, things will not turn out alright. World conditions are and will become far more serious—and even catastrophic—than most realize.

At the same time, regarding just the physical location of nations, the new “generation X” reflects an appalling ignorance of the most basic geography, and a nearly total lack of knowledge about even the most rudimentary understanding of relationships between countries—with studies now revealing that most people ages 18 to 24 cannot even locate well-known nations on a map.

Why can the very best minds not find peace? Why do even these remain in almost complete ignorance of the staggering events soon to strike all humanity? Both Isaiah, in the Old Testament (Isa. 59:8), and Paul, in the New Testament (Rom. 3:17), flatly state that men do “not know the way to peace.” This vital knowledge has been missing for millennia. The institutions of men are woefully uninformed—and ultimately toothless—concerning the causes of peace, leading to the right effect all peoples long for—world peace. In the end, neither diplomacy nor war has worked, while knowledge of the right causes that lead to peace remains unseen, eliminating any hope of success.

While men may talk about, call for and pretend to seek peace, world leaders always seem to fall back on the tool of war to achieve it—as suffering, misery and unhappiness increase in its wake. Even Napoleon warned, “You have got to be very careful with war, because, with all the excitement, you may grow to love it.” Nations have grown to love war—indeed, they are addicted to it. For 6,000 years, man has proven himself unable to break the cycle of war.

As a result, history’s greatest wars lie dead ahead!

What About the Greatest Nations?

Against the backdrop of growing fear, mixed with ignorance, many wonder—and are openly asking—about America and Britain’s role in the great prophecies foretold in the Bible to occur in the “last days.” Recognizing their rise to extraordinary prominence, having become so big and dominant, that their impact on the world at large is enormous, people naturally wonder, “What about the United States and Britain?” Surely, among the Bible’s great prophecies, God would not ignore these nations. Are they mentioned in prophecy? If so, where? And will these nations be exceptions to the collapse of all the great civilizations that preceded them?

Not knowing who or what to believe, some ask their ministers—and find that they do not know! Others turn to so-called prophecy experts—psychics, seers, crystal ball-gazers and self-described prophets—and other “experts”—but find that none of these know either. The educated of this world—but uneducated in basic, right spiritual knowledge—commentators, columnists, generals, scientists and educators have absolutely no idea how to answer this question. Deceived, and having closed their minds, many at least do recognize this is beyond their field.

It was only about 200 years ago that America and the British Commonwealth of nations suddenly shot to great prominence and power. Not so long ago, the combined wealth of these nations was over 70 percent of the total wealth and physical resources of the world. All the rest of the nations combined possessed less than 30 percent—considerably less than half of just these two nations. Of Britain, it was often said, “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” Yet, right on schedule, Britain has declined to an almost third-rate power.

Now consider. About one-third of the Bible is prophecy, and nearly 90 percent of this remains unfulfilled. Virtually all of it has to do with world events, trends and happenings for our time. How then could the mightiest nations of all time be left out?

But, invariably, religious leaders explain that America, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are merely Gentile nations, thus believing that end-time prophecy totally disregards these great nations, with America and Britain the greatest of all time. Deceived, they usually focus on the prophecies describing the Jews, while remaining completely ignorant of the enormous understanding available to those who know where and how to find pivotal knowledge, missing in today’s world, about the identity of the Anglo-Saxon peoples of the West. These “leaders” simply do not know where, how—or what!—to look for. Therefore, the answers remain elusive.

Explosion of Interest in Prophecy

Knowing that something is terribly wrong, many sense that the world has reached what the Bible calls the “end time”—or “last days.” This has caused a mushrooming of interest in biblical prophecy.

Literally, millions of people now routinely discuss terms such as “Great Tribulation,” “Millennium,” “Beast,” “Armageddon,” “God’s Wrath,” “Anti-Christ,” “False Prophet,” “Abomination of Desolation” and others, without proper meaning or comprehension. Again, they simply do not know where or how to look within God’s Word to get correct understanding of what these and other terms mean, and how they will play out, sequentially, within God’s great Master Plan for the end of the age. Like a kind of giant prophetic “Rubik’s Cube,” the many critical pieces of the puzzle never come together. This is because, instead of directly examining the hundreds of clear scriptures on these and other aspects of prophecy—for proof (I Thes. 5:21), many seem content to trust in human “experts.”

As a result, confusion and disagreement about how to solve this great Rubik’s Cube are also mushrooming, and indeed have never been greater.

The Bible is approximately 750,000 words. Since about one-third is prophecy, this means that 250,000 words are devoted to many, many specific prophecies. Now ask: What possible purpose would God have for devoting a full third of His words to a subject—any subject—and then leave mankind in the dark about it? Understand! God gives prophecy for two clear purposes: (1) As a warning for those who will take heed and (2) proof of the existence of the true God of the Bible—and, therefore, the authority of the Bible.

I urge you to read our vitally important book America and Britain in Prophecy. You have never read anything like it! Few things could be more crucial to understand than the future course of events foretold to strike the world’s greatest nations—the United States and Britain. This fascinating book brings the plain truth of the Bible to the final events prophesied to soon strike an unsuspecting world in general—and the United States and Britain in particular! You cannot be without this knowledge!

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