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World News Report: November

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World News Report: November

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Around the world, so much is happening that it is crucial to be ever-watchful.

The United Nations reported that October 31 marked the time when the world officially reached the population of seven billion people. (Other estimates had said this past June or July marked this milestone.) While some are celebrating this, others are admitting that mankind’s way of life is unsustainable. Food is running out. Water supplies are dwindling. Extreme weather is increasing. Diseases remain incurable. When humanity’s condition is examined realistically, there truly is no hope on the horizon.

In Europe, after many months of uncertainty surrounding the Euro debt crisis, an agreement was finally reached at a summit in Brussels, Belgium. European leaders have taken steps to solve the financial problems surrounding the shared currency of the Euro, but experts are stating that there are still many details to work out. One detail—it is an enormous one—that has been worked out, albeit not yet officially, is that Germany is now the clear leader of the European bloc. Astonishingly, in light of the last two World Wars, most European countries have welcomed this, and in fact pushed Germany into this position.

Here is what one news agency wrote about how the recent financial deal happened (all italics mine): “Chancellor Angela Merkel emerged from 10 hours of negotiations in Brussels with a plan to stem the debt crisis that might as well have been written in Berlin. The German leader forced French President Nicolas Sarkozy to bend to her will on using the European rescue fund only as a last resort, ruled out an automatic crisis-fighting role for the European Central Bank and dragged banks back to the table to take greater losses on Greek debt. She even wrung further budget concessions out of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. ‘Merkel got what she wanted’…[said] an analyst at the Friends of Europe policy-advisory group in Brussels…‘This has confirmed Germany’s role as the make-or-break player not only in the euro-zone crisis but in European Union affairs beyond Europe’” (Bloomberg).

Before an agreement was made, Chancellor Merkel even went so far as to warn of POTENTIAL WAR if the Euro was not saved: “Nobody should take for granted another 50 years of peace and prosperity in Europe. They are not for granted. That’s why I say: If the euro fails, Europe fails” (EU Observer).

In the Middle East, the former leader of Libya, Moammar Gadhaffi, was captured and killed by rebels in his hometown of Sirte, where he was hiding out. It has yet to be decided what form of government Libya’s National Transitional Council will agree upon, but reports have come out that they will almost certainly use some form of Sharia law as their foundation. Islamist parties are already coming into power in Egypt and Tunisia. The Ennahda party, a moderate Islamist political organization, declared victory in Tunis. One supporter was quoted as saying, “This is an historic moment…No one can doubt this result. This result shows very clearly that the Tunisian people is a people attached to its Islamic identity” (Reuters). The secular opposition party said that since it is committed to the democratic process, it will respect the decision that the voters have made.

In an example of how SUDDENLY events can turn, just 10 months before the election, the Ennahda party was operating underground due to a ban by the former Tunisian government. This is absolutely incredible—and instructive for those who are paying attention. Events anywhere in the world—and think particularly of Europe—can shift just as suddenly, and in ways that NO ONE anticipated, or could have anticipated.

As usual, much more could be said about all that is occurring around the world. A 7.2-magnitude earthquake recently struck Turkey, with the death toll over 600 people and the injured at around 4,100. In Thailand, flooding from monsoon rains, the worst since 1942, affected more than 9.5 million people and killed around 380. One-third of the entire country is underwater—ONE-THIRD! Imagine if this were a Western country, and what would be the economic impact alone—and then there would be the incredible suffering and death. But most Westerners are not taking much note because it is in a “faraway place.” Other recent natural disasters include volcanoes, unprecedented tremendous October snowstorms in the northeast United States and so many other weather problems that just never seem to stop!

Big pieces of the prophetic puzzle are slamming into place. Events are occurring that God foretold would happen thousands of years ago. As we see so many conditions appearing around us, let’s always remember God follows through on what He says He will do.

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