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How World Peace Will Come!

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How World Peace Will Come!

Nations search for peace, but to no avail. Why is it so difficult to achieve?

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The world is filled with war, terrorism, and threats of more war and terrorism. Yet all nations long for peace. Leaders negotiate for it. Millions pray for it. Armies fight for it. Despite constant effort, it remains more elusive than ever.

While men have created many amazing technological inventions, they cannot “create” peace. Scientists have unleashed the power of the atom, but are powerless to “unleash” peace upon Earth. Astronomers have discovered much about the size, majesty and precision of the universe, but they cannot “discover” the way to peace. They can find galaxies far away throughout the universe, but they cannot “find” peace here on Earth. Neither can leaders end famine, disease, poverty, overpopulation, religious confusion and hatred, as well as every other misery, evil and woe that unchecked human nature can produce.

But the Bible says world peace will come—and soon. How?

Recently, I stood at the very lectern in the United Nations General Assembly where so many presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings and popes have called for world peace. I could not help but think of which person had ever made a permanent difference.

Consider. The governments of men—all of them—have never succeeded in finding permanent solutions to what are, for them, insoluble problems. They do not have any of the answers to mankind’s biggest questions.

In 1966, as God began to reveal His truth to me, I had the opportunity to meet with my United States congressman. I had applied to attend the United States Naval Academy. All applicants were required to have a personal interview with their congressman prior to acceptance. When the interview ended, he asked if I wished to ask any questions.

I had only one.

I asked the Congressman’s opinion of one world government—if it were in the hands of men. His answer was immediate and emphatic, “I do not believe it would work, but if I did, I would shout it from the housetops.”

Since that time, many have suggested one world government IS the only way to world peace and stability. But many questions arise. Who would bring it? How would it be phased in? What laws would it administer? How would they be enforced? Would sovereign nations relinquish authority to it? Would it succeed, or would it eventually oppress and enslave all mankind? These questions always stop thinkers, planners, leaders and scientists in their tracks!

Men seem to invariably go to war in search of peace. Eventually, wars usually come to a truce, which always fails to yield permanent peace. This is because men cannot, and never will, find the way to peace on their own—without outside help. In reality, they have no chance to achieve world peace. Why?

As part of an extensive prophecy about world conditions in our time, the prophet Isaiah answers: “The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goes there shall not know peace” (59:8).

It has not been given to men to understand the path to peace—or, for that matter, the way to abundance, happiness, health and prosperity. No wonder the greatest thinkers, leaders, educators and scientists have failed miserably in their quest for peace on Earth! God has not yet revealed to the vast majority of mankind the solution to its unending wars and world troubles.

Like a newscaster ahead of his time, Jesus came to make an announcement about a complete change in the way the world would be governed. With this change would come unprecedented world peace—and happiness, harmony, universal health and prosperity.

Everywhere He went, Christ spoke about this coming kingdom. It was the subject of most of His parables. When He commissioned and sent His 12 apostles to preach, the instruction was to preach about the gospel of the kingdom of God (Luke 9:1-2). When He later sent His 70 disciples (10:1), He also commanded they preach the kingdom of God.

The word “gospel” comes from an Old English word meaning “god spell” or good news. “Kingdom” also comes from an Old English term simply meaning government. In other words, Christ preached “the good news of the government of God.”

The coming of world peace, happiness, health and abundance will be good news for a mankind that has never known it.

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