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WikiLeaks Standoff – What Does It Reveal About America?

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WikiLeaks Standoff

What Does It Reveal About America?

The public release of sensitive government documents has the globe split into two camps—with most everyone missing the event’s true significance. 

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In the United Kingdom, an impassioned 15-year-old teenager speaks resolutely for his generation, assuring authorities that he and those like him rule the streets—and declaring that no matter how many times police sweep them away, they will return. Their goal: stop the government from hiking university tuition fees.

If this means starting a riot, they will riot. If it means destroying other people’s property, they will gladly unleash widespread destruction, spreading fear and intimidation in the process. And if it means assaulting Prince Charles and his wife while chanting, “Off with their heads,” they will not hesitate to attack Britain’s royal heir apparent. After all, the thinking goes, higher education is a right to be demanded and expected, not a privilege to be earned.

Wielding grassroots power in brazen defiance of the government is intoxicating for demonstrators. Likewise, undermining the foreign interests of the United States—the world’s waning superpower—by revealing sensitive and potentially embarrassing information is equally intoxicating.

The founder of the WikiLeaks website, and those who share his views, are committed to the idea that the masses have a right to know every detail about how governments render decisions. The website has continually hosted confidential government and business documents.

The public release of nearly 400,000 sensitive U.S. military records and leak of 250,000 diplomatic cables, which contained communication between American embassies, to news agencies, has divided the world into two camps: those who paint the WikiLeaks founder as a 21st-century folk hero, a high-tech revolutionary who is shining a light on the shadowy world of government secrecy and international diplomacy—and those who view him as an annoying and embarrassing fly in the ointment of foreign policy and international relations.

The Real Truth magazine takes no position. It does, however, recognize that WikiLeaks is revealing America’s weak points—in effect, assisting to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy of Leviticus 26, verse 19: “I will break the pride of your power”—as well as embarrassing its network of diplomatic “lovers” among the international community.

Notice the Ezekiel 16:37 prophecy regarding prominent Western nations: “Behold, therefore I will gather all your lovers, with whom you have taken pleasure, and all them that you have loved, with all them that you have hated; I will even gather them round about against you, and will discover your nakedness unto them, that they may see all your nakedness.”

For decades, America had the power and means to lend a helping hand. At even a hint of calamity or injustice, the nation stood ready to swoop in and save the day—whether removing dictators under human cruelty charges or generously outpouring aid after devastating natural disasters.

But here is the trouble with juggling multiple “lovers”: one has to satisfy the often-competing needs and interests of each—and all such lovers have only their own best interests in mind. Their loyalty is temporary at best, as it can only be “rented”—borrowed for a short period—until a more satisfying deal presents itself. Lovers tend to be jealous, and expect personal, undivided attention. They are known for unleashing quick retribution for any slight, real or imagined. Despite a history of receiving special favors, the question that concerns lovers most is, “What have you done for me lately?”

The cash-strapped and problem-ridden U.S. must now turn inward, unable to fulfill its self-appointed role as global savior. With America forced to step aside, the international scene is changing: Europe is finding its footing as a global player, serious discussions of creating a global currency to replace the dollar are underway, and both Africa and South America are increasingly turning to the rising-superpower China.

While nations debate over what to do about WikiLeaks, governments continue charting their own course, striving to attain world peace through backdoor deals, diplomatic negotiations, rhetorical saber-rattling and military positioning. And America will continue to cater to its network of lovers in an attempt to further its interests—until the day when they no longer comply. That day is coming soon. Read David C. Pack’s book America and Britain in Prophecy to understand why.

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