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America’s “Final 4th of July”—Revisited!

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America’s “Final 4th of July”—Revisited!

As Americans attempt to work up patriotic fervor for the July 4th holiday, this timeless article—“Ahead! – The Final 4th of July”—is more relevant today than ever before!

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A year has passed since the article “Ahead! – The Final 4th of July” was published, and much has happened since then.

The United States is in the middle of a presidential race with an outcome that could drastically shape the nation’s future. Americans struggle to cope with rising fuel prices, affecting not only drivers, but all consumers—through food prices, shipping costs, airline fares, and more. The housing boom has gone bust, with homeowners literally walking away from homes they can no longer afford. The U.S. dollar is shrinking in value worldwide. While much progress has been made in Iraq, who knows when or how the war will end? Floods—tornadoes—wildfires—what other environmental disasters are just ahead?

Despite the unprecedented prosperity, military strength and global dominance it has long enjoyed, America’s future seems bleak.

To learn why, read “Ahead! – The Final 4th of July.”

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