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Virginia Tech: America’s Bloodiest School Shooting Massacre

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Virginia Tech: America’s Bloodiest School Shooting Massacre

A “senseless and incomprehensible, heinous act” has occurred. An entire nation is shocked—horrified. Why has this tragic event taken place?

Learn the why behind the headlines.

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In the aftermath of the deadliest shooting massacre in American history, the death toll at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, stands at 33, with more than 20 others wounded.

The first two killings started at West Ambler Johnston Hall, reportedly the result of the killer getting into a fight with a young woman and a student adviser.

Two hours later, the heavily armed gunman entered Norris Hall, placing chains on the doors of classrooms so his intended targets could not escape. Armed with two handguns—a 9mm and .22 caliber—and wearing an ammunition vest, which allowed him to constantly reload, the shooter randomly killed 30 others, then himself.

Authorities have identified the killer as 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui, a Virginia Tech senior who emigrated from South Korea with his parents at age eight. An English major, Cho was a permanent legal resident of the United States.

Professor Carolyn Rude, a professor in the Virginia Tech English department, told the Detroit Free Press about the writings Cho had submitted: “There was some concern about him. Sometimes, in creative writing, people reveal things and you never know if it’s creative or if they’re describing things, if they’re imagining things or just how real it might be. But we’re all alert to not ignore things like this.”

A student who witnessed part of the attack recounted the event to MSNBC, saying a “guy comes in the room and shot our teacher,” and added that the gunman began “shooting around at different people.”

Another student told CNN, “[The shots] didn’t stop for almost two or three minutes. It sounded like a handgun or something but it was many, many shots.”

After many minutes of shooting, stopping to reload and shooting again, the gunman ended his own life. Later a note was found in Cho’s dorm room which declares, “You caused me to do this” (ABC News).

The president of Virginia Tech, Charles Steger, called the shootings a “tragedy of monumental proportions” and a “senseless and incomprehensible, heinous act.”

Controversy has risen as to why the school administration did not issue a stronger warning, or cancel classes altogether, after the first shooting. The event has also revived cries for more effective gun control laws. Other “usual suspects” are being brought out that were said to be part of the cause of similar shootings—violent television, video games and the Internet.

As days pass from this gruesome calamity, and names of the victims are released, and the gravity of the situation sinks in, most will be looking to find someone or somewhere to place the blame.

Making Sense of a Senseless Act

It has been described as “senseless”—“surreal”—“intense”—and a “total shock.”

Feelings are raw. Families have been affected. Lives have been changed. People naturally wonder why this tragic event took place.

Was it the wide availability of guns? Despite stringent gun laws in cities like New York and Washington, D.C., people still die from firearms, whether drive-by shootings, affairs gone sour, etc.

Was it the lack of campus security? Public schools across America have implemented beefed up security measures—bars on windows, security checkpoints, trained hall monitors and guards. Yet violence in schools remains a reality.

Was it a psychological/emotional disorder? Physicians, scientists and other experts and their numerous studies often assert that behavior is genetic. In effect, a “disease” caused a wife to murder her helpless children—a “disorder” led a husband and father to “act out” (read: sexually assault) against his niece and nephew, thus stealing their childhood.

In the coming weeks countless other explanations and excuses will be offered, but none will get at the core—at the true cause.

And then there is the universal question in the minds and on the lips of most: “Why did God allow this tragedy?”

The religions of men cannot correctly answer this. At best they can only offer a mixture of truth and error. While religious opinions will vary, most will utter meaningless words of “healing,” which serve as nothing more than spiritual junk food—filler disguised as substance; tastes sweet, but leaves you wanting for something more substantial. They will assert that God “acts in mysterious ways,” implying that blind faith is expected from His followers.

But this is NOT what the God of the Bible teaches. He considers His servants “friends,” and reveals to them His great purpose for mankind. Take note of what Jesus Christ said to His disciples: “Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knows not what his lord does: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you” (John 15:15).

Millions claim to serve Him, but who are Christ’s friends? “You are My friends, if you do whatsoever I command you” (vs. 14).

How ironic! The churches and denominations of traditional Christianity preach that obedience is unnecessary, that all one needs to do is simply “believe and give his heart to the Lord.”

However, such nonsense does not explain why people suffer tragedy as a daily way of life in Darfur, Iraq, North Korea and throughout the rest of the world.

Religions of manmade traditions, customs and practices do not teach what the Bible clearly reveals—that every man, woman and child will be given an opportunity to fulfill a future more awesome than this article has time to explain.

But before humanity-at-large is ready to achieve the ultimate purpose God originally intended, certain hard lessons must be learned. It will be up to individuals to decide the manner of intensity in which these lessons will be taught…

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