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Sex – Right Purpose in a Wrong World!

The world has long been ignorant of the true purpose of sex. Lack of knowledge has caused the masses great pain and suffering. The reason for sex is infinitely greater than what is commonly believed. Learn why sex!

28:32 Marriage & Family
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Sex – Its Unknown Dimension

The world has been ignorant of the true purposes of sex. The result has been untold pain and suffering for the masses! This misery—now epidemic—is measured in disease, new kinds of perversion, unwanted pregnancies yielding abortions, illegitimate children or unwanted children in marriage, sky-rocketing divorce rates, which in turn produce corresponding numbers of jumbled families, bankruptcies, court battles and even crime.

Sadly, these conditions grow worse and more complicated, with each new generation compounding the problems and evils of the previous one.

Tragedy, unhappiness and confusion about sex and marriage have afflicted every nation of the world for thousands of years, and people have not known where to turn for the answers—the solutions— to so many ill effects, now running rampant.

But there are answers—there are solutions—and you can know them. What has not been known is that there is a vital missing dimension to marriage and sex that was not explained until the twentieth century.

This book reveals it!

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