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20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 2)

Modern Christendom twists and perverts the many plain truths of God’s Word. Here are 10 more Bible verses Christianity ignores—or rejects!

28:30 Basic Bible Truths
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The Bible’s Difficult Scriptures Explained!

Many study the Bible—but stumble over difficult verses, leaving them confused and without proper understanding. They are then led to accept twisted, distorted and outright false explanations of what should be God’s plain meaning from Scripture. But this need not be—you can understand God’s Word! Here are the Bible’s difficult scriptures explained!

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20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 2) More Information  Watch Now

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20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 1)

28:32 Basic Bible Truths

20 Verses Christianity Ignores! (Part 2)

28:30 Basic Bible Truths

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