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About David C. Pack

Founder and Pastor General of The Restored Church of God, Editor-in-Chief of The Real Truth magazine, and voice of The World to Come program, David C. Pack has reached many millions around the globe with the most powerful truths of the Bible—unknown to almost all. He has authored 80 books and booklets, personally established over 50 congregations, and appeared as a guest on The History Channel. Mr. Pack attended Ambassador College in Pasadena, California, entered the Worldwide Church of God ministry in 1971, and was personally trained by its founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

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A Vital Open Letter to All WCG Splinters

Identifying God’s Church, Truth and Work

This sixth annual “Fruits” letter begins a series of crucial postings. Next is a three-sermon series that will be posted Monday, February 2: “First a MOSES, Now ELIJAH—130 Proofs!” This series answers HUGE and GROWING questions on the minds of God’s people over the last almost 30 years since Herbert W. Armstrong died. If you plan to read or hear nothing else from me, do not miss this series. It contains 130 PROOFS of TWO GREAT TRUTHS no one has addressed!

The above-referenced sermons will ultimately greatly inspire many thousands in the splinters—and just as greatly anger other thousands. The former will all join us in time—probably soon. The latter thousands will never come.

We also hope this letter is inspiring for different reasons. But it will be unlike previous years. Now that another year has ended, the “fruits” of The Restored Church of God become even more plain! There is no other organization on Earth like this one. I urge you to examine carefully all that we are doing.

A big decision is coming for you…

While many or most of our statistics have exploded yet again, most of this letter focuses on the marvelous miracles being experienced by God’s people here. Very dramatic accounts of healings and divine protection are increasing almost exponentially in The Restored Church of God. There are reasons. In fact, I explained a little over three months ago (just after the Feast, where about eight to ten had occurred) that this could begin to increase. AND IT HAS! In almost 50 years in God’s Way, I have never seen—or even heard of!—anything like it in God’s Church. Of course we are greatly inspired, but at the same time not really surprised. Also, this wonderful trend relates to powerful things you will soon learn about THIS Church!

Brethren, we have been seeing certain miracles and healings all along, and they were irrefutable, but there has been an ENORMOUS surge—perhaps eight to ten each week now!!! There are two reasons for this. The letter will reference one of them later. The sermons to be posted Monday will encompass the other. You will understand when you hear them, even though the subject of miracles is only somewhat incidental to the topics covered.

Never before has Christ’s Church been so poised to launch forward. In EVERY category, we have become solid and prepared for MUCH greater things. Unprecedented tools are being used to reach people in all nations with God’s truth. And God is powerfully blessing His Work! We have produced the largest amount of literature—books, booklets, articles, magazines, Bible lessons, form letters, brochures, etc.—in the history of the Church of God. Apart from the ongoing need to produce our three regular magazines, all of the literature of the Church when it was “on track” under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership is now complete—plus much, much more. This has meant that The Restored Church of God has developed into the largest biblically based publishing operation on Earth today—and in history! This is why our websites are the most comprehensive of any kind of religious website!

The year 2014 was a fearful one for the world. And in the midst of mankind’s ever-worsening problems, many of this world’s thinkers, writers, politicians, scientists and religious leaders still believe conditions will somehow “work out in the end.” God did foretell a time near the end when world leaders will declare, “Peace, peace, when there is no peace” (Jer. 6:14; 8:11). Many voices will soon echo this chorus, repeating the great mistake of former World War II British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who left a meeting with Adolf Hitler and immediately declared, “Peace in our time!”—but this was just before Nazi Germany attacked Poland to start World War II.

It is natural for mankind, surrounded by such bad news, to long for hope. Everyone wants to feel good about humanity’s future—the future of their children and grandchildren. But a deceived mankind does not realize that the only true hope for its future is divine intervention. This marvelous hope is going out undiluted from only one place—The Restored Church of God.

Since our establishment in 1999, every year has seen record-breaking growth in nearly all categories. 2014 was no exception! All through last year, statistics dwarfed what was an incredible 2013! The following reports show the GOOD FRUITS Christ said we should be able to recognize (Matt. 7:16, 20):

INTERNET REACH: Highly focused and results-oriented advertising, coupled with free organic traffic, led to a 2014 total of 14,019,560 downloads—an enormous 35.4% increase over 2013! Obviously, 2014 was our highest total ever! (Downloads were 10,354,159 in 2013 and 8,992,000 in 2012.) Visitors rose similarly, up 30.6% to 9,374,472 in 2014. Nearly 2.5 million books and booklets were given away this year online. Here are the top four: Are These the Last Days? (391,561)—Revelation Explained at Last! (251,409)—The True Origin of Easter (215,775) and The True Jesus Christ – Unknown to Christianity (118,202). Since launch, we have now surpassed 90 million downloads!

While most of our Internet traffic consists of those from English-speaking countries, we have a growing worldwide reach through our foreign language websites. Last year’s combined download total of 3.3 million was an increase of 50.3% over 2013.

THE REAL TRUTH™ MAGAZINE: Since the launch of, 11.6 million visitors have read The Real Truth online. We have distributed about 16.5 million items—articles and magazines. Of this, 2.7 million went out in 2014—a 110.3% increase over 2013! Growth in print distribution was even more impressive. In 2014, the number of new print subscribers added was over four times the 2013 number! Stop and reread the last sentence.

FIELD MINISTERS: 2014 saw much growth in the field ministry—both in number and quality. A total of 14 new men were ordained—with eight others raised in rank, two to evangelist. (2013 saw six field ministers added.) This is because for the 15th straight year, God’s Church grew faster than any of the splinters. We have averaged almost 19% annual growth in attendance since 1999, with financial growth far beyond this number.

MEDIA PRODUCTION SERVICES: Our television outlets continued to bear fruit in 2014. We strategically adjusted contracts to reach new audiences and are continuing to examine how to more effectively expand the television audience. This year we also focused The World to Come™ program on YouTube—what could be called the largest television station on Earth. Because of YouTube’s enormous popularity, we decided to aggressively expand the scope of our program on YouTube in 2014. The year saw 1,264,121 World to Come views on YouTube, eclipsing the 2013 total by 170%! Those views resulted in 10,776,810 minutes watched—the equivalent of 7,484 days or 20.5 years of continuous viewing! This of course does not count the over one million additional views on our own website. Combining total views of our program on YouTube and, the year’s most popular broadcasts were: “26 Prophetic Events in Exact Sequence Before Christ’s Return! (Pt 1)” – 581,197 (+807.8%)—“The Book of Revelation—Unlocked! (Pt 1)” – 113,185 (+240.5%) and “Why Were You Born? (Pt 1)” – 107,111 (new in 2014).

The move to our new Media Center was another 2014 milestone, and major step forward in God’s Work! The 4,200-square-foot facility contains a large studio double the size of our previous one. Special fiber optic connections allow us to “remotely record” footage directly into our Media Center video servers from virtually anywhere in the Hall of Administration. This technology enables us to record messages in the main hall directly to The Media Production Services Department (MPS) and post them online to be viewed just hours later!

Our most comprehensive “Behind the Work” film was presented for the brethren at the 2014 Feast of Tabernacles. This annual film included over 5,100 individual clips of media. We also used a “drone” video camera to capture footage of the Headquarters campus. Be sure to watch the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE new video showcasing the Campus.

AMBASSADOR CENTER: What we call “AC” currently enrolls 91 students, with hundreds of alumni across the globe. The college moved into new classrooms last year, which make use of cutting-edge technology to produce and film live classes. These are also used to hold Ambassador Center events such as its recent sixth anniversary. Several new courses were added this year, along with others being updated. The truly magnificent fifth Envoy (paralleling the WCG’s) is in production and a record-breaking number of copies were ordered in 2014! The Work continues to employ students and alumni in full- and part-time positions. Growth in faculty, student body and curriculum will soon bring the need for a dedicated Ambassador Student Center building.

None—and I mean NONE!!!—of the totals and numbers you are reading are seen in any of the splinter groups, which have been trying to draw away God’s people for over 20 years. Maybe no two groups together rival any of these numbers. God is blessing us VERY POWERFULLY!

BUILDINGS AND CAMPUS: Despite many challenges, the lower campus at Headquarters was completed this year. The Mail Processing Center was finished in the first few months of 2014, with most major construction having been done in late 2013. As mentioned, the Media Center was also completed in 2014. Staff worked incredibly hard to make all of this happen—sometimes six days a week for the Landscaping crew—including scores of volunteers sacrificing endless hours on Sundays to “dress and keep” God’s “garden”—HIS Campus. Many more trees were planted to beautify it. The gate was finished, adding an extra layer of elegance (and security) to our “front door.”

We also received two architectural awards in 2014 recognizing the magnificence of the Headquarters campus. One was the top award for “Community Improvement of the Year” from the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce. The other was the 2014 Medina County Business Award for Non-profit Community Investment.

DRAMATIC HEALINGS AND PROTECTION: As mentioned, the Church has recently seen some of the most amazing and inspiring miracles in memory. Since my post-Feast sermon describing how God’s Church could begin to see more of His power through miracles and protection, this has been happening—and in a BIG way! Members have been experiencing unprecedented instances of DRAMATIC healings and protection! The accounts are now being reported daily, with often several in a single day (three today so far)—and we are smaller than the big splinters.

A 2-part sermon series given January 10 presented 29 PROOFS that mass healings will soon come to ALL OF GOD’S PEOPLE. The Bible is bedrock certain on this truth, which is in addition to the two great truths referenced at the outset. It will be posted several days after the sermons posted February 2.


Here is but a small sampling of recent powerful healings and stories of protection and deliverance. Many are just the ones of recent weeks. Some are written in first-person, others were submitted by Church Administration, with some of these having been written up by the local pastor. Take time to read EVERY ONE of these undeniable accounts! Then think of how you could soon be writing your own account. (Italics are mine.)

(#1.) The first account is written by a member: “We were traveling down I-95 heading toward Melbourne [Florida]. Another member was driving and we were talking when suddenly a car passed right through us! It was going very fast and never slowed down. He must have thought he had side-swiped us because he veered over into the far right lane and immediately went off on the exit that was right there. The other member and I looked at each other and we both said, ‘Did that…? Did you feel that? Did that really just happen? Wow! Wow! Wow!’—followed by a lot more ‘wows’! Even now as I write this and each time I have told this story I am amazed! I get chills just thinking about the feel of what happened to us. I was sitting in the passenger seat and the other car passed right through me and the vehicle I was sitting in! It made a whoosh sound. I am not sure how to really describe it, just whoosh, through us and gone, almost like a force of air passing through us but not moving us like wind moves you when you are hit by a hard blast. I would love to know what the other driver thought when he finally stopped and looked at his vehicle, knowing he passed through us—and did not just side-swipe us! Again, wow! God is amazing! His protection over us is profound. What happened to us is just another proof we are truly in God’s one true Church.”

(#2.) A pastor wrote this: “A member in the Knoxville, Tennessee, congregation was driving home in a van at night after Sabbath services with her two young children. It was lightly raining when she became severely ill and passed out at the wheel. She was awakened some time later by a state trooper knocking on her window. She rolled it down and the officer asked if she was okay. She explained that she had passed out but now felt better. The officer told her what had happened since he had been behind her. She had swerved into the other lane and passed right through a semi-truck (while unconscious!). She then passed back through the semi-truck to the right side of the road and came to a stop and parked. The trooper said that although he ‘saw everything that had happened, he could not write it up since no one would believe him.’”

(#3.) While driving as an escort behind a semi-truck, a member in Colombia was attacked by two armed men on motorcycles. They tried to kill him and steal his car. One man shot into the vehicle twice. One bullet left a hole through the door but incredibly missed everything, and was not found. The other bullet hit him in the abdomen. Miraculously, a direct hit bounced off, leaving only a bruise. (Author’s Note: All of us at Headquarters have seen the pictures of the middle of his merely bruised abdomen and the mangled bullet that bounced off.)

(#4.) Another instance of protection involved two members in Florida and other members following them. The account becomes clear as you read. “We were driving through an intersection when the cars ahead of us suddenly stopped. We stopped but the vehicle behind did not. It struck hard, shoving us into the vehicle ahead. The hit was like a cue ball being struck by the cue stick, then striking the next ball. Much force was involved. When we pulled into a parking lot to assess damage—no one was hurt! The elderly gentleman in the car that rear-ended the two members was bruised on his hand when his airbag deployed. The rest of the group just felt somewhat jarred. The front of his car was crumpled and the radiator was pouring out fluid. The car carrying the first two members barely showed damage to the rear, just scuff marks and two cuts in the bumper. The non-member’s car was severely damaged. The hood of my car was crumpled a little and the grill and bumper sustained damage but I was able to drive home three and a half hours at 70 mph. With eight people in three vehicles, one or more should have been seriously injured. I later learned that the accident was because of brake failure. When the trailing member braked, his foot went to the floor! This explains being hit from behind. The airbags also deployed but did not inflate properly so the other member hit the steering wheel with his chest—but with no injury. God had protected His people again. We are seeing proof over and over that this is the one true Church of God. There is none other. We are hearing of miraculous protection and divine healing all through the Church. To me this is more confirmation that I am in the right place. I am in God’s true Church.”

(#5.) A member in Zimbabwe was also involved in a car accident. The car he was driving overturned several times and, although the vehicle was badly damaged, he suffered no injury whatsoever.

(#6). The following is from the wife of a minister in Massachusetts, “I was driving my vehicle in a busy four-lane road, approaching an intersection when I was suddenly hit from behind. I felt nothing more than a small bump. The vehicle then hit the car in front of me. The driver of the vehicle who hit me from behind approached me and asked if I was okay and I said yes. I was uninjured but still in shock. When the police arrived, the officer said that an ambulance should be called and that I should be examined by the paramedics and possibly taken to the Emergency Room. I insisted that I was not injured, and that it was just a ‘little bump.’ The officer then showed me the damage to the back of my vehicle. My car was ‘totaled.’ He then showed me the front of the truck that had hit me. Only then did I realize the extent of the damage done to both vehicles. Broken glass was on the road and on the seats inside my vehicle. My entire back window was shattered and the back door and bumper were severely indented. The officer then said, ‘You did not just get bumped, you were hit very hard! Now are you sure you don’t want to be seen by the paramedics?’ I again stated that I was not injured—I was fine. The officer could hardly believe this. Both vehicles were towed away after being destroyed. Three days after the accident, I still had no pain or injuries.”

(#7.) A member in Belgium had been suffering from bad stomach pain and liver disease for a long time. At the start of the Feast of Tabernacles, her pain was unbearable. She was unable to eat and felt weak. She had been prescribed medication for the condition and doctors were closely monitoring her. After she was anointed, she was instantly healed. Her pain almost immediately left her and she was able to eat again and enjoy the rest of the Feast.

(#8.) In the Dayton, Ohio, congregation, a member came to services leaning heavily on a cane. She was in constant pain and barely able to sleep. After being anointed, she stood up and began walking slowly. Soon she put down her cane. The pain was gone!

(#9.) Another member in Belgium had been suffering from narcolepsy and high blood pressure. During the Feast, this made it difficult for him to stay awake during services. He was completely unable to sleep at night. After being anointed, his sleep disorder immediately vanished! He was fully alert for the rest of the Feast and slept well at night.

(#10.) A member in Texas who was diabetic requested anointing during services due to dizziness and pain in his stomach. After anointing, the pain was gone. He got up, went back into the hall and sat down for the rest of services.

(#11.) A member in the Sacramento, California, congregation recently experienced excruciating pain in her kidneys. She had had kidney stones in the past, but she described the latest incident as “ten times worse than before.” After experiencing crippling pain and sleeplessness, she called for an anointing. Just two hours after the prayer, she was completely healed and has not experienced the pain since.

(#12.) Another member in Dayton, Ohio, was scheduled for repair surgery to a torn Achilles tendon. After being anointed, she no longer needed surgery! The doctor discovered the tendon was healing itself (a second ultrasound was performed to confirm). They put her in a full leg cast. Regrettably, the cast began to cause much pain, and a large blister formed from a tight brace. The blister covered most of her foot and was very painful and swollen. She again asked for anointing and the swelling and pain completely disappeared. The doctor concluded the blistered area was infected with streptococcus bacteria. He took a sample to determine the variety of the bacteria to see which antibiotic to use. When the member returned to see the doctor, there was no sign of the bacteria. She was experiencing no swelling, no pain and all indication of streptococcus was gone. The doctor was amazed!

(#13.) A member in Johannesburg, South Africa, was struggling for months with a severe sore on her leg. The open wound on her shin was approximately three inches long. She had tried all kinds of treatments but could not stop the infection. It gradually became more painful to the point where she could not put much pressure on her leg, only being able to walk short distances. After she was anointed for the condition, the sore closed and was completely healed within 48 hours. She removed the bandage that had been worn for several months. She now has only a small scar.

(#14.) The seven-week-old grandson of a member in Newfoundland, Canada, began experiencing sudden and serious episodes of seizures that sometimes lasted five minutes. The child was taken to the doctor and it was discovered that small leaks in his brain were the cause. He prescribed medication to stop the seizures, but they kept occurring. Since babies grow quickly, the strength of medication had to be increased often. Even so, the child was readmitted many times to the hospital due to regular seizures. When the grandmother received an anointed cloth, the baby was anointed. The seizures stopped and have not reoccurred once.

(#15.) A member in the Oxnard, California, congregation, recently experienced excruciating back pain, down through his hip socket and extending to the toes. At times the pain was so great the man could not sleep or function throughout the day. He was in such discomfort that he could do nothing but lay on his left side. He called his minister for anointing. Three days later the pain was continuing. As he stepped outside briefly, he cried out, ‘Hear me, Father,’ and before he took his next step, the pain was gone!

(#16.) A member in the Dublin, Ireland congregation asked for anointing. The lower part of his face and lips on his right side were swollen. The condition was spreading to his left side and slowly going down to his hip area and even to his stomach. The skin had become itchy, lumpy and very red. When the anointed cloth arrived, the skin cleared up completely, with no signs of any irritation.

(#17.) Two more cases in Zimbabwe involved healings. A child of a member was coughing up blood with a severe throat infection. The child had become very weak. Another young person in the Church was experiencing convulsions. In both cases, the parents called for urgent prayers and God intervened. Both are now fine.

(#18.) The child of a member in Puerto Rico was experiencing terrible muscle pain in his right thigh while singing the last hymn during the Last Great Day. He was anointed after services and the pain immediately subsided!

(#19.) A member attending the Feast in Florida was anointed for a severe knee injury and resultant pain. Employed as a teacher, this had occurred when a student attacked her, knocking her down. Immediately after the anointing her knee suddenly visibly “jerked and jolted” back into place. She immediately could walk normally without pain!

(#20.) The next story involves a married couple who host Sabbath services in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The service involved a Bible Study with a meal in between messages. The couple had prepared a crockpot of steaks in gravy with other dishes. They had purchased an exact number of steaks for the members in attendance. Just before services, a couple from the Knoxville congregation arrived unexpectedly. Since there would not be enough steaks for the two extra members, the host couple decided they would not eat theirs to allow enough for everyone present. The pastor closed the service with prayer and asked God to bless the food to the nourishment of all. The couple waited until everyone had gone through the food line. When they went through the line, they noticed the crockpot still had steaks in it. They each took one. As they sat down to join the others, they were shocked to see that everyone had a steak. Bewildered, they kept it to themselves. Later, the couple was cleaning up and noticed there were yet more steaks remaining! God had miraculously multiplied the food. We call it “the miracle of steaks and loaves”!

(#21.) Another member in South Africa had two health problems that caused pain. After having a crown put on a molar, he began experiencing extreme pain. The dentist said it would abate, but it did not. He went to a pharmacy to purchase prescription anti-inflammatory pain medication. The pain was so severe that he awakened numerous times in the night for more medication. Since the member did not normally take medicine, it was a severe trial. The member asked to be anointed. That was the last day for medication. He has had no more pain, it being evident God healed him. He wrote, “A miracle like this just leaves you speechless. It proves once again that we serve the only true God.” The man also was anointed for a shoulder injury. He had badly injured a ligament four months before when exercising. The shoulder had become extremely sore. Just picking up his 5-year old daughter and doing general work was painful. He stopped going to the gym. Since the anointing, he reported a 180-degree turn, and that God healed his shoulder. He is back at the gym.

The above stories are only the beginning of what we are hearing by the dozens. Sadly, they stand in stark contrast to what is NOT happening elsewhere. Yet they could happen—and eventually will—to thousands who respond to what God plans to do.

Of course, enemies will seek to play down or dismiss what you have just read (a few already have)—as well as the sermons to be posted February 2. But then they have to—or you might leave them and join us—and that cannot be permitted. Their tactics will work at first, but these efforts to thwart God’s Work will stand only a little while longer.

This letter has brought much proof that God is only working in one organization. But the burden of proof that we are the only true Church and sole Body of Christ rests with neither The Restored Church of God nor me. It is not our responsibility to prove to you God’s government is here—or that the only Work He directs is here. This is your responsibility! God commands His people, “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12).

Jesus taught, “You shall know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:16), and shortly followed this with, “Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them” (vs. 20). The fruits of the splinters are deplorable. These organizations are wrought with ever-worsening division, confusion and disagreement—and widespread and worsening doctrinal compromise—truly the blind following the blind. On the basis of fruits alone, all should leave these organizations! Determine to be without excuse in identifying God’s Church, Truth and Work.

A quote from Mr. Armstrong concludes the letter:

“Today, as in the time of the first apostles, MANY DECEIVERS are gone out into the world. They will ACCUSE God’s Church and His Work. It is Satan the devil who is the accuser of the true brethren (Rev. 12:10).

“MUCH of the New Testament is WARNING God’s people of these snares of Satan to hinder—to attempt to DESTROY the very Work of GOD—the very Work which is THE REASON God has called you NOW—before He undertakes to SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD!

“Remember, Jesus taught us to LOOK TO THE FRUITS BORNE!

“Are they who falsely accuse—who seek to draw a following away from God’s Church for selfish purpose—proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the nations of the world? Are they fulfilling the PURPOSE for which God has called us now?”

“Why Did God Put You In His Church?”, GN, May 1974

We expect to see thousands of you soon in The Restored Church of God. God has long planned to reunify what would become His scattered people at the end of the age. Do not miss the sermons described at the beginning!

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