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New Cars Are Supposed to Be Getting Safer. So Why Are Fatalities on the Rise?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Alyssa Milligan was someone who intuitively knew when another person needed help, encouragement or a kind word. Although she was new to Tennessee, the 23-year-old physical therapy student, whose mother called her “Sweet Alyssa,” had already made many close connections, especially within the tight-knit cycling community around Nashville—before she was killed this month, struck by a pickup truck while cycling with a friend.

Explainer: Why Kosovo’s Stand-Off with Serbs Goes On 15 Years After Statehood

The storming of a north Kosovo monastery has thrown attention on persistent trouble in the ethnic Serbian-majority region 15 years after Pristina declared independence.

July 2022
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Jul 21 Weather & Environment Monarch Butterflies Now Listed as Endangered
Jul 11 Economy & Personal Finance Ships Get Older and Slower as Emissions Rules Bite
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