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Homelessness on the Rise in the UK

Homelessness in every form has dramatically increased in recent years, costing the United Kingdom’s public sector in excess of $1.6 billion per year, a report from the nation’s government said.

Uproar in Turkey Over Islam-focused Education Overhaul

ISTANBUL (AP) – Students in Turkey are returning to school September 18 where they will be taught evolution for the last time in their biology classes. Next fall, evolution and Charles Darwin will be scrapped from their textbooks.

November 2003
Nov 10 Europe Europe and Its Army
Nov 10 Society & Lifestyles Jerusalem to Host Gay Parade
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September 2003
Sep 3 Science & Technology China Creates Human-Rabbit Hybrid
Sep 3 Geopolitics The U.S. as World Cop
Sep 3 Geopolitics North Korea, Iran and Missiles
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July 2003
Jul 2 Geopolitics U.S. Remains Isolated
Jul 2 Geopolitics EU Deploys Troops in Africa
Jul 2 Americas U.S. Natural Gas Shortage
Jul 2 Science & Technology Grasshoppers Invade U.S. West
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April 2003
Apr 29 Asia North Korea Update
Apr 29 Middle East OPEC and a Post-War Iraq
Apr 29 Health Issues SARS—The New Epidemic
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March 2003
Mar 15 Health Issues STDs Overwhelm UK Health System
Mar 15 Geopolitics Paying for the War
Mar 15 Geopolitics Iraq’s Modern-day Assyrians
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February 2003
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January 2003
Jan 20 Health Issues AIDS Yet to Peak
Jan 20 Economy & Personal Finance U.S. Health Care Reaches $1.4 Trillion
Jan 20 Geopolitics Russian and Iraqi Cooperation
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