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In God We Trust?

Most Americans today say they believe in God. But we cannot seem to agree on which one.

Pope Calls Out Traditionalists – The Catholic Culture War Heats Up

The leader of the Catholic Church said there is no turning back from modernizing reforms. His rhetoric signals another flashpoint in the battle between Catholic traditionalists and progressives.

November 2021
Nov 11 Americas How Haiti Endures
Nov 11 Society & Lifestyles Redefining Family
Nov 11 Religion Is Hell Real?
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October 2021
Oct 7 Science & Technology Should Washington Regulate Social Media?
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September 2021
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August 2021
Aug 31 Society & Lifestyles 9/11: Remembering What Was Lost
Aug 11 Science & Technology What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
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July 2021
Jul 30 International The Olympics in a Divided World
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June 2021
Jun 24 Society & Lifestyles The Science of Hypocrisy
Jun 18 Education The Joy of Reading!
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May 2021
May 5 Marriage & Family The Virtues of Motherhood
May 5 Health Issues Eat Your Veggies!
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April 2021
Apr 30 Science & Technology Social Media Censorship
Apr 29 Marriage & Family Model the Perfect Father
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March 2021
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February 2021
Feb 24 Economy & Personal Finance The Hidden Dangers of ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’
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January 2021
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