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Can Japan Achieve Beautiful Harmony?

With a newly crowned emperor, Japan has entered a new historical period. Hopes are high that it will mean peace and prosperity for the nation.

What Should ‘Church’ Look Like Today?

A vast swing in culture. Rapid advancements in technology. Never-ending scandals. Ministers and parishioners are scrambling to find what “church” should look like in the 21st century.

December 2016
Dec 1 International The Election Everyone Missed
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October 2016
Oct 1 Middle East Libya: Five Years After Gadhafi
Oct 1 Health Issues Why the Diabetes Epidemic!
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September 2016
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July 2016
Jul 1 Health Issues Scarlet Fever Makes a Comeback
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May 2016
May 1 Society & Lifestyles Why Hyper Political Correctness?
May 1 Economy & Personal Finance The Reality of Global Poverty
May 1 Marriage & Family Maximize Your Children’s Summer
May 1 Society & Lifestyles Making Sense of an Earth Filled with Violence
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April 2016
Apr 1 Religion America’s Unknown God
Apr 1 Marriage & Family How Husbands Can Enrich Their Families!
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March 2016
Mar 1 Economy & Personal Finance 2016: Bleak Forecast for Global Economy?
Mar 1 Society & Lifestyles Why Conspiracy Theories?
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January 2016
Jan 1 Society & Lifestyles Ten Traits of a Valuable Employee
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