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The Rise of India

India became the world’s most populous country in April, eclipsing an aging China, the United Nations reported. The milestone raises questions on whether India can repeat the economic success that has made China central to the world economy and a leading global power.

Make the Most of Summer with Your Kids!

We can all remember family trips and excursions we took as children. For me, these were opportunities to escape the oppressive summer heat in one of Oregon’s inland valleys where we lived. Trips to the state’s coast, exploring the mountains, or wandering through the Redwood Forest immediately come to mind. Yet the big trips were not the only ones that made an impression on me, but also many smaller, personal family activities.

December 2015
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September 2015
Sep 24 Health Issues America the Medicated
Sep 24 Society & Lifestyles Three Myths of the Modern Age
Sep 1 Marriage & Family Train Your Children in the Old Paths
Sep 1 Analysis A War to End All Wars?
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July 2015
Jul 31 Society & Lifestyles Looking for Rest in a Restless World
Jul 31 Weather & Environment Our Water Crisis – Reversing the Irreversible
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June 2015
Jun 1 Middle East The Middle East at a Glance
Jun 1 Society & Lifestyles The Key to Happiness Revealed!
Jun 1 Society & Lifestyles Dating in the 21st Century
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May 2015
May 1 Marriage & Family Making the Most of Family Time!
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February 2015
Feb 27 International Hope for Haiti!
Feb 27 Europe Europe’s Culture Clash
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January 2015
Jan 30 Society & Lifestyles Chase Away the Winter Blues!
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