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   WCG Background?

Important announcements directed to those with a background in the Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots are located on our Church of God News page.

  Headquarters Campus Developments

With the first phase of major construction on the Headquarters campus complete, the majority of effort this summer went into beautifying the grounds. Scores of additional trees and landscaping features were completed or installed, including two lakes, several bridges, and numerous park benches and paths to provide additional angles from which to enjoy the campus.

With the help of dedicated staff and local area vendors, the campus stands as a reflection of God’s attention to detail and quality.

Click on the slideshow below to see some of the improvements and new developments.

  2016 Ministerial Conference a Great Success

The Restored Church of God’s 2016 Ministerial Conference, held May 20-28 at its World Headquarters campus in Wadsworth, Ohio, was a tremendously successful opportunity for field ministers around the world to reunite, reconnect and receive updates. They also received additional training to equip them to become more effective shepherds.

The Conference began with the Keynote and State of the Work lectures from Pastor General David C. Pack. The rest of the week included additional subjects covered by Mr. Pack, as well as presentations from other Headquarters leaders. Some covered pastoral instruction, while others detailed the growth achieved in the Work in 2015-2016.

Activities included speaking workshops, a song-leading seminar, campus tours, and many shared meals and fellowship opportunities. Field ministers also delivered pastorate report messages during Church services, to be played in congregations around the world.

Visiting ministers commented on the unified atmosphere and edifying content throughout the week, calling it the “best Conference ever.”

The annual Ministerial Conference is a priceless opportunity for ministers to spend time together, growing in unity and brotherly love and receiving focused professional and spiritual education.

Watch this video for an inside look at this unique event.

  Latest World to Come Video (Part 8)

After the 1st Dominion—Tribulation, Day of the Lord and the Millennium,” the eighth and final part of David C. Pack’s most recent series, continues explaining conditions following Christ’s First Rule. Seals Five, Six and Seven bring a period of unprecedented suffering—the worst mankind will ever experience.

Learn what each Seal is, who will survive them—and how! The astounding truth of what will happen in your lifetime, and God’s transcendent purpose beyond these staggering events, will leave you stunned and inspired. Do not miss it!

  New World to Come Video (Part 7)

Bible prophecy is clear! Following a worldwide period of spectacular, utopian conditions under God’s government, all of humankind will face a great test.

David C. Pack’s latest broadcast, “After the 1st Dominion—Satan Loosed, World Deceived! (Part 7),” explains why and how God determines who will follow His way of life—leading to every blessing—and who returns to the corrupt path of human nature.

You can pass the test by preparing in advance. Watch this video to learn what you should watch for, and more of what the future holds for the entire world!

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