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  Feature-length Video: Behind the Work 2015 – “A Glimpse of the Millennium”

Since the dawn of human history, mankind has attempted to achieve “utopia”—an ideal society that brings its citizens the realization of their hopes and dreams. Many paths to this goal have been tried, and all have failed.

But God is working through human servants to bring the good news of His Plan—that the world man has longed for will come, with peace, prosperity, happiness and a truly fulfilling life available to all. This awesome future will be ushered in at the Return of Jesus Christ, establishing His throne on Earth to inaugurate the first 1,000 years of His reign.

Behind the Work 2015 – “A Glimpse of the Millennium” provides an inspiring view of this wonderful time, and how His Church is proclaiming and preparing for it today!

About Behind the Work: These annual documentary-style videos produced by The Restored Church of God provide a fascinating inside view into God’s Church and Work. Reminiscent of the feature-length films produced by the Worldwide Church of God in the early 1980s, this series offers a unique perspective on how the gospel and truth of God reach every nation and territory on Earth.

  Milestone World to Come Series Completed

All five parts of an unprecedented broadcast series are now available!

In “Does God Exist?—Many Absolute Proofs!”, Restored Church of God Pastor General David C. Pack brings irrefutable logic and an array of stunning, detailed quotes from renowned scientists, famous authors and well-known thinkers, as he illuminates the most important topic of all—the existence of a supreme Creator.

Unlike anything produced before, this series is certain to inspire those sincerely searching for plain answers—and to confound skeptics. Each part builds on those that come before it, bringing proof—upon proof—upon undeniable PROOF!—of God’s existence.

Be sure to see the entirety of this unique, historic series. (And stay tuned for a companion series addressing whether a Christian can believe in evolution.)

Once you start watching, you will not want to stop!

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