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  Open Letter to Every WCG Splinter

The annual “Fruits” letter from Pastor General David C. Pack will be made available next week. As in previous years, it is bursting with statistics of The Restored Church of God’s tremendous growth across many categories, as well as staggering eyewitness accounts of God’s blessings and interventions on behalf of His people—way beyond anything we have ever posted. Be sure to check this page again soon for its posting!

  New World to Come™ Broadcast

The first The World to Come with David C. Pack filmed in the new Media Center studio, “Were the 10 Commandments ‘Done Away’? (Part 1),” is now available on The World to Come website at The broadcast will also air Sunday, January 4, 2015, on global television stations. This broadcast covers the topic of God’s Law, and makes absolutely clear whether it is still binding for Christians today. Tune in to The World to Come with David C. Pack to learn the PLAIN TRUTH answers addressing the causes behind the destructive effects reflected in today’s headlines, and hear the good news of the only real solution—now just over the horizon!

  Behind the Work 2014 – “Preparing for the Greatest Work”

This year’s truly extraordinary film “Behind the Work 2014 – ‘Preparing for the Greatest Work’” highlights all that is The Restored Church of God—its Work, purpose and future—giving viewers an inside look at the Church’s most dramatic year of growth in every regard.

The film documents the continued development of a Headquarters campus, growth of worldwide television, the expansion of the Agriculture Education and Research Institute, and many other dynamic elements of the Church’s outreach efforts. “Behind the Work” will particularly bring back fond memories of a previous era’s high standards for those with a Worldwide Church of God background—and stand in stark contrast to other films produced today.

  Ambassador Youth Camp 2014 a Great Success!

More than 85 campers, staff members, and administrators from across five continents had the opportunity to attend Ambassador Youth Camp (AYC), a two-week program sponsored by The Restored Church of God.

Ambassador Youth Campers from around the world visit the Headquarters campus for an art seminar as part of their two-week program.

This year, the camp’s eighth in existence, AYC was held in the woods of central Ohio at the Richland Rural Life Center, in the city of Mansfield. The site offered a more spacious dining hall, updated cabins, and the opportunity for campers to participate in new activities, such as a highly anticipated treetop zipline tour and archery lessons. Daily morning lectures stressed the importance of applying biblical standards, developing true values, and making positive choices. Campers also took part in traditional team sports such as volleyball, indoor soccer, and softball, and well as classes including line and ballroom dancing, writing, art and grammar.

A camper repels down a tree during a zipline tour in Glenmont, Ohio.

Camp ended with a memorable final banquet at the Hall of Administration during which campers and staff participated in an engaging question-and-answer session about their experiences and performed a variety of farewell songs they wrote for the occasion.

Participants are prepared to attend the Ambassador Youth Camp Dinner Dance.

For all participants, it was truly a life-changing event!

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