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   WCG Background?

Important announcements directed to those with a background in the Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots are located on our Church of God News page.

  New Open Letter for Members of the WCG Splinters

The annual “Fruits” letter from Pastor General David C. Pack is now available. As in previous years, it reports The Restored Church of God’s tremendous growth across many categories and—far beyond all previous letters—brings a plethora of exhilarating eyewitness accounts of God’s intervention, healing and miraculous protection for His people.

  Benchmark Sermon Series

On Monday, a three-part sermon series that is unlike anything heard in the 16 years of The Restored Church of God’s existence will be posted. Explaining monumental prophetic fulfillments that have now become crystal clear, the series carries far-reaching implications for former members of The Worldwide Church of God and those now in its offshoots. Be sure to hear it!

  New World to Come™ Broadcast

The first The World to Come with David C. Pack filmed in the new Media Center studio, “Were the 10 Commandments ‘Done Away’? (Part 1),” is now available on The World to Come website at The broadcast will also air Sunday, January 4, 2015, on global television stations. This broadcast covers the topic of God’s Law, and makes absolutely clear whether it is still binding for Christians today. Tune in to The World to Come with David C. Pack to learn the PLAIN TRUTH answers addressing the causes behind the destructive effects reflected in today’s headlines, and hear the good news of the only real solution—now just over the horizon!

  Behind the Work 2014 – “Preparing for the Greatest Work”

This year’s truly extraordinary film “Behind the Work 2014 – ‘Preparing for the Greatest Work’” highlights all that is The Restored Church of God—its Work, purpose and future—giving viewers an inside look at the Church’s most dramatic year of growth in every regard.

The film documents the continued development of a Headquarters campus, growth of worldwide television, the expansion of the Agriculture Education and Research Institute, and many other dynamic elements of the Church’s outreach efforts. “Behind the Work” will particularly bring back fond memories of a previous era’s high standards for those with a Worldwide Church of God background—and stand in stark contrast to other films produced today.

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