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   WCG Background?

Important announcements directed to those with a background in the Worldwide Church of God and its offshoots are located on our Church of God News page.

  World Headquarters Building Updates

Nine images have been posted on the Headquarters Complex page.

  Television Expansion in Canada

We are pleased to announce that God has opened another door to expand television coverage of The World to Come™ program in a key area of the world. The Church has secured a new contract with Canada’s superstation CHCH. This powerful station could be compared to WGN in America. It reaches 6.6 million households (11-12 million people) across the country, with the majority of coverage centered in the province of Ontario. Toronto, Ontario’s provincial capital and the most populous city in Canada, is the 5th-largest Designated Market Area (DMA) in all of North America.

Beginning on March 16, The World to Come will air in High Definition (HD) on CHCH at 5:30 a.m. each Sunday for eight weeks, before moving to its permanent timeslot at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, May 11.

  Swahili-Language Website

The Restored Church of God’s Swahili site has been launched, adding a ninth language to the Church’s range of translations! God’s Church is now publishing the true gospel for an estimated 140 million Swahili-speakers worldwide. Several booklets are now available, and additional literature will be added regularly.

  Behind the Work 2013 – “A City Set on a Hill”

This year’s truly extraordinary film “Behind the Work 2013 – ‘A City Set on a Hill’” highlights all that is The Restored Church of God—its Work, purpose and future—giving viewers an inside look at the Church’s most dramatic year of growth in every regard.

The film documents the continued development of a Headquarters campus, growth of worldwide television, the expansion of the Agriculture Education and Research Institute, and many other dynamic elements of the Church’s outreach efforts. “Behind the Work” will particularly bring back fond memories of a previous era’s high standards for those with a Worldwide Church of God background—and stand in stark contrast to other films produced today.

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